"The White Oak Museum is perhaps the greatest locally-oriented collection of Civil War artifacts in the country."
- John Hennessy, Historian National Park Service

Welcome to White Oak Civil War Museum!
This museum exists to remember and honor the soldiers, from private to general, who suffered both in battle and in this area's camps. Here in the war's largest encampments many would die of wounds and disease. To give proper remembrance to these brave soldiers, the White Oak Civil War Museum exhibits both military and personal items of Union and Confederate troops. The many items displayed were discarded or lost while troops were camped or fighting in Stafford County and the Fredericksburg area.

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Visitors examine artifacts in front of an interior exhibit.

Play the below video for a quick overview of White Oak Civil War Museum. Special thanks to Heritage Media LLC for this technology gift.

White Oak Museum, Stafford County, Va. from Scott Eyestone on Vimeo.

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Open 10am to 5pm
Wednesday thru Sunday


Adults $4
Seniors $2
Ages 13-17 $2
Ages 7-12 $1
6 & Under FREE